March 13th, 2013

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Your Jamie Bamber Related Mid Week Pick My Up Post

Well, hello Dr. Wilson.

TNT released additional promotional photos for Monday's episode, "Communion". And in keeping with the now ridiculous - and either comedic or rage inducing, depending on one's mood - errors in promoting the show (more on that below), the link to the photo of above is broken on the TNT website. Luckily, zegeekgirl has a talent for digging out code.

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Back to TNT's promotion (or lack thereof) of the Monday Mornings. As I think everyone here knows, Jamie joined Twitter (@ImJamieBamber) last Tuesday. He and Jennifer Finnigan live tweeted Monday's episode. And @MondayMornTNT announced Jamie had joined Twitter....yesterday. A week late. r. After gaining over 4,000 followers.

Following Monday's episode, it was clear all of the promotional photos posted in advance of and labeled for the episode, were actually for next weeks episode. TNT also posted a 'preview' clip for "tonight's episode" ("Communion") on Tuesday. So, in addition to no print promotion and little television promotion, the online promotion is being botched at every conceivable turn. Please forgive me for using a GIF from one of Monday Mornings main competitors, but this is how I feel in regards to TNT most days:

But in spite of TNT's lack of effort in promoting their product (and, for the record, this seems to apply to all their original programming not entitled Dallas), there was some positive ratings news this week. Woo! After rising in the ratings 17% last week, this weeks episode rose in the ratings 28%! Total viewership increased from 1.45 million to 1.86 million and the 18-49 demo from .3 to .4.

I'm hoping Jamie's reaction (as mine was) was along these lines:

And to everyone tuning in each week, as well as those still discovering the show (because, yes, that is still happening), you deserve this:

Finally, Deadline reported Alfred Molina is in talks to star in NBC's comedy pilot, ‘Assistance’. Now, Deadline mentions MM has done poorly in the ratings and is not likely to be picked up for a second season. This is entirely possible, but I'd like to put Alfred's casting news in context. Unless a series is a clear hit and a lock for renewal, actors, particularly those on low rated or 'bubble' shows, with a studio and networks permission, may do a pilot. That pilot will, typically, be in second position to their current series. This is an ideal situation for an actor because, if their series is ultimately cancelled, they have a Plan B to fall back on. A great example of a show that many considered over so three of the actors were allowed to shoot pilots only to have TBS (TNT's sister station) save it was Cougar Town. So, Alfred's news really doesn't mean anything at this point. And if MM's ratings continue to rise as other TNT shows struggle and their pilot development turns out poor...well, not all hope is lost.