April 1st, 2013

Jamie - Close Up - Starpollo
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Happy Birthday Jamie!

For many a reason, in six plus years, I've refrained from the whole birthday post thing here. However, when someone has one of those birthdays ending in a zero, it seems to be a tradition to make a bigger deal out of it. Perhaps we can blame history. There was a time people were considered quite fortunate to live 40 years. Or maybe we can blame Hallmark. I like blaming Hallmark. Whatever the reason, the consensus was this April 3rd should be acknowledged.

A simple Happy Birthday seemed insufficient to start this thread. And going on and on about your many fine qualities seemed potentially embarrassing. So, let me sum up! :) You made us love Captain Apollo and Archie Kennedy and Matt Devlin. And we're still mourning two of them. (As a side note: Firefighting is a dangerous profession. If you can survive The Smoke, we'd greatly appreciate it. Seriously.) The experience most of us had upon reading that first interview with you was something along the lines of, "Wait. This guy is also smart and funny?" And while other actors share the same platitudes and stories over and over...and over...again, you always have a fresh take to share. Even when it comes to BSG. After numerous conventions. That is quite the gift.

So, Jamie, you are worth breaking my tradition of ignoring birthdays and wishing you a very happy one. I know some people face turning forty with dread. Others will tell you forty is fabulous. And there is some substantial evidence that you have only gotten better with age.

And a virtual toast to you. May you have many more birthdays (but we promise to limit these posts to the ones ending in zero) and may the years ahead be filled health, happiness and success. Cheers.

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"Monday Mornings" Episode 1x09 Discussion Thread: "Wheels Within Wheels"

Photo is from next weeks season finale. Probably. Well, maybe. It's TNT, so who really knows?

The floor is now open! Come back in a couple hours (or tomorrow or whenever you have some time :) and discuss the penultimate episode of Monday Mornings. Yes, we only have two more weeks of Jamie on our TV screens! Curse you, short basic cable seasons! Hopefully, TNT will have a lousy pilot season and see the error of their ways (Promotion! More Promotion!) and we'll have the opportunity to see more MM next season.