August 25th, 2013

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"An Evening With Jamie Bamber" Event (Bonn, Germany): Photos & FB Links

(Image (c) Virtual DVD Magazine)

Saturday night in Bonn, Germany, FKM Events held their "An Evening with Jamie Bamber" Q&A with Jamie; over on their Facebook page, there are mentions that a DVD of the evening will be available at some point. In addition to the Q&A and signing, Jamie did a live Skype chat with Richard Hatch for some cross-continental Apollos action. ;)

FKM Events should have more photos up on their own Facebook page eventually (they seem to post great shots at some point, ex. the event James Callis did a while back); but for now, there are some real beauties HERE, courtesy of one Thomas Brückl. And quite a lot of shots over at Virtual DVD Magazine's FB gallery, including the above pic + a few more previews below...

EDIT (8/31): Here's some video footage from the event that just got posted today! Guys, the Ava story. PRECIOUS. ;) :

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