October 9th, 2013


Radio Times 'The Smoke' Piece + Jamie Interview & New Sky 1 Promo

A HUGE thank you thank you to our intrepid UK correspondent anteros_lmc for finding and scanning this week's Radio Times piece on The Smoke, with a sidebar interview with Jamie!

Click on the scans below to read each one; Jamie's interview includes fun insights about ALL THAT ACTUAL SMOKE, flame retardant underpants, and how Kerry kind of went all a-titter when she saw him in his fireman's gear for the first time. (As is only natural, innit, Missus? *high-five* ;) )

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Thanks too to Jamie's The Smoke co-star Sam Gittins for the heads up. :)

Meanwhile, there's a new Sky 1 Promo on their website for the programs coming up this Fall, of which The Smoke is one (of course); there really isn't too much new footage, but it's a great promo and it's so nice to see a network promoting their upcoming stuff this early on, so give it a look.

Click lovely Kev and his Smirky McSmirk face (is he on the toilet, as well?! Oh show, you're ALREADY killing me) to head over to Sky 1 to watch!:

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Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days 2013

So, this would be your big Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days wrap-up post. If you follow JBN on Twitter, you've probably seen a flurry of tweets since this past Saturday (and a few additional fan pics can be found there). We decided to give attendees a few days to relax and, hopefully, share photos and video. So far, so good! We will continue updating this post should any more goodies present themselves.

Dallas Comic Con has an awesome photo stream posted on FB, including some lovely shots of Jamie and Katee Sackhoff.

Cynthiachapa1 posted this FABULOUS photo on Instagram. Well done, Mam, well done!

The Nerd Fu shared photos and highlights.

Tumblr hasn't been quite so generous, but there are a couple of nice photos from the Fandorama Tumblr.

And a very big THANK YOU to @sqlenergy AKA SciFiChick7 for posting both photos and VIDEO of Jamie and Katee's panel! Sadly, I have not had time to watch all of their talk, but both Katee and Jamie had excellent answers to a question regarding sexism in the entertainment industry.

Part 1 and Direct Link

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Now, I don't watch Breaking Bad, but I certainly do understand that Jamie hanging out with Giancarlo Esposito may elicit an "OMG, my fandoms are colliding!" moment from some of you. ;)

And once Jamie returned to Los Angeles, he took the family to the premiere of War Horse at the Pantages Theatre. The @Pantages posted a photo from the red carpet last night. Is this one good looking family or what? :D

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