January 6th, 2014

Bamber FHM

New Promos & Stills From 'The Smoke' + Narrowing In On An Airdate!

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Someone open a vent, it's downright smoky in here!  This is the first official key art for The Smoke featuring Jamie, Jodie Whittaker & Rhashan Stone, which we snagged from Sky's programming listings for February & tweeted out last week.  Sky have officially released it as of today; here's a clean copy from their website. Go forth and icon, if that's your thing. ;)

With regard to the airdate, it appears to definitely be launching in February on Sky 1 per the aforementioned listings, however the exact date is still TBD.  Hopefully they'll make their minds up within the next week or so - they're starting to get a lot of tweets and comments from customers asking when they can expect to see it!

In the meantime, we've landed high-res stills of the first batch of promo images from the show; the ones of Jamie and Jodie are not new obviously, but they're better res; some of the others are new and feature the other cast members including Rhashan, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Gerard Kearns, etc.  Click for full size:

Photo Credits:
Key art: © Sky 1 / Matt Holyoak
Promo stills: © Sky 1 / Des Willie