January 29th, 2014

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'The Smoke' starring Jamie Bamber, Jodie Whittaker & Rhashan Stone Premieres February 20 on Sky 1!

(c) Ollie Upton / Sky 1

Set your DVRs, Britain... we finally have an air date. ;) Sky 1 are premiering The Smoke on Thursday, February 20 at 9pm!  Also, in somewhat exciting news the entire first episode will be available to view on their new Sky First Episodes service on YouTube beginning March 1; no idea yet if this service is going to be restricted to UK residents only (it does say "for all to view" in the press release mind you), but we're checking! (UPDATE: Aaaand that'll be UK & Ireland residents only, too. :(  Ah well.)

There's still no announcement of a US channel carrying the show but now that the UK air date is out of the way, maybe the focus will shift there...

UPDATE: We have a bit of synopsis for Episode 1 now too, so we're going to put that AND the full press release behind a cut!:

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