February 10th, 2014

Bamber FHM

'The Smoke' Episode 3 Stills + Jamie Bamber on Kev Allison (Video)

(c) Des Willie / Sky 1
As per usual, when it rains it pours in JBN land: We've got Episode 3 stills for The Smoke, which reveal a somewhat banged-up Kev delivering rather epic side-eye action in the midst of a rescue. (Why is he kind of a mess? If you read thru the press pack we posted previously you might have an idea, but we won't expand... posts are a spoiler-free zone for now!!!)

Some of the best new shots are behind the cut below, plus a few more of Jamie and co-stars in the gallery HERE. Also, big ups to Sky 1 for posting this interview clip with Jamie speaking a bit about Kev and what attracted him to the role:

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