March 23rd, 2014


'John Doe: Vigilante': Jamie Bamber Radio Interview + Our Review

OK, first off! - 100% spoiler free and containing 100% more actual Jamie Bamber than the ramble I'm about to post below ;)  Above is a YouTube clip featuring a radio interview Jamie did earlier this week for John Doe: Vigilante.  It's a good listen, nearly 15 mins long so check it out!

Anyone who follows the JBN Twitter might have noticed a couple of tweets that went out Wednesday; we were lucky enough to get to see the John Doe: Vigilante screening & Q&A in LA last week. Well, when I say "we" I mean "me"; sadly, asta77 lives very far across the country, and the film isn't even playing in her state. The places where it is playing in CA are quite far for me, and I've been preparing for Emerald City Comicon for my job for the past couple of weeks so I was really grateful for the opportunity. (Road trip just wasn't happening.)

Since Main Street were kind enough to give us a chance to see the film, wanted to post a review; also since it's something we and many of you have been waiting a very long time for. (As is the case with indie films often, long gestation period; they shot this three years ago!) The thing is, though we've allowed spoiler filled reviews in the past I really don't want to post too many spoilers for this. I do feel like people should watch it unspoiled so that they can see how their reactions to various things pan out.

So here's an honest review that doesn't have spoilers in it per se, but singles out stuff I felt was worth noting. I do think the film is totally worth seeing if you have the opportunity particularly if you're a fan of Jamie's, and hopefully more of you can see if you feel the same/different soon!:

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I feel like dancing around spoilers like I did might have made some of what I just wrote VERY confusing. ;)  Let's do this: Anyone who wants to read the spoiler-free version can do so here... but if you want to discuss some of what hinted at in more detail, we'll do so in the comments below.  I'll tag anything that is a spoiler reply VERY clearly, so anyone who doesn't want to read it can avoid it. Cool?