September 16th, 2014 - Jamie Bamber News — LiveJournal
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Now everyone can see the outstanding "Reading Rainbow Live" event with the BSG Cast, no matter where you are!  Well... you will be able to, soon. ;)

(Seriously, take it from us... you're going to want to see this. ;) )

CLICK HERE to pre-order a streaming download of the event, which is $10 - every cent of which is added to the additional fundage for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter program, so it's basically something you all need. Now. ;)  (There are also some terrific accessories available, and other downloads.... gotta say, I'm still tempted by the LeVar/Donald Glover on a boat download, because, yes. "Set phasers to love me!" *giggle*)

The download is currently estimated to be available in December. We should all have a simulcast viewing w/ live chat... who's down? ;)

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