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Friday Forum: Law & Order: UK Episode 3.2, "Hounded" - Discussion Thread

Episode 3.2 - "Hounded", by Catherine Tregenna
It's that time again, and here is the place - discuss the second episode of L&O:UK Series 3! We will definitely keep these coming for the duration of the ITV run. NOTE: For those who are in Canada for whom the show just kicked off again last night, you can discuss episode 3.1 "Broken" on last week's Friday Forum thread.  Also, once the S1 and S2 episodes begin airing on BBC America, we will probably do another discussion thread on Mondays if anyone's interested. (How many peeps are not caught up with the UK run at this point?  I know there are quite a few of you, so we're down for it if you want. ;) )

-Thoughts on "Hounded" - I thought this episode, yet again, demonstrated a marked change of pace for the show - the stories may be taken from the same stock, but there is a naturalistic and organic note to the way the episode flows, the way the line readings sound, and the characters relate to one another.  Really, really loving those choices and SO excited now to see the rest of what Emilia & Co. have in store from the writer's room!  

-I love how much teamwork is on screen between Teams Law and Order, seeing James and Alesha down at MIU quite a bit, banging out case details with the coppers. And Natalie was involved a lot this week!  I have GOT to make my DI Chandler "HBIC" icon at some point ;)
EDIT: Done. Please credit if you swipe ;):

-Though as with last week, it was an emotional and tough case (albeit maybe not quite as shocking), it's still always nice to see a brief respite of humor from time to time. The fact that this week's involved Matt's HAWTNESS was extra special.

Ohhh, how I laughed. XD

- There is such a wonderful shorthand to the way Jamie and Bradley play off each other.  Even when they're delivering expositional dialogue, it seems less utilitarian than before and more a matter of working through each other's thoughts, making sure they're on the same page. *sigh*... yeah, I'm about to do it again: ♥ COPPERS1!!11!!!!1!11 ♥

- There were comments on louk_mattdevlin last week about how sometimes the female defence briefs are portrayed as self-serving and publicity hungry; I think, to address their concern, this week's brief Cassie Shaw (Neve McIntosh) was a fine counterpoint to that perception. Just doing her job, and doing it very well... if anything, James (though he was right in the end) demonstrated a bit of arsey, over-confident behavior this week!  (Only fair... we're all human, and this case obviously became very personal for him.)  BTW, is it just me or does Neve McIntosh's looks/mannerisms remind one slightly of Kerry Norton? Like, they could be sisters or something. That kind of threw me for a sec, LOL.

- I was glad I didn't see the orignal L&O episode for this one (or at least, didn't remember it) because I didn't see the ending coming and thought it was, though tragic, quite excellent. (I knew Darnell would end up relapsing and going down, and I had a feeling he might attack the fiancee's daughter, but I wasn't quite expecting the fiancee to end up murdering him in an angry rage. Good lord... deeply naive and misguided faith she may have had in him, but she did have faith. World of hurt, that.)

OK, enough of my babbling... discuss away, kiddies!  Oh, before I go though... that image up top is an alernate shot from this episode. Guess who has three more of them? ;)

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