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The First Evil

Have any Burning Law & Order: UK Questions You Would Like Answered?

Here's the deal. The talented, generous and all around awesome Emilia di Girolamo, writer for Law & Order: UK, has agreed to answer questions about the show. Now, this isn't a 100% done deal since ITV and/or Kudos need to take a look at the questions before signing off on it, but Emilia is fairly confident it won't be a problem. Right now is probably the best window of opportunity for her to spare us some time since production is resuming shortly.

zegeekgirl and I are busy jotting down questions, but we thought we'd open the floor up to all of you as well. We'd hate to have a "D'Oh! Why didn't we think to ask that?" moment. There's just a couple guidelines we ask you to follow. Questions should be about Law & Order: UK, although asking about writing and writing for TV in general I'm sure would be welcome. :) Any questions about the actors should be confined to the characters they portray. Questions about Matt Devlin and Jamie's contribution to the series would be OK, but nothing about him personally. After all, she would just tell us what a swell guy he is and we already know that. ;)

The deadline for submitting questions is Midnight est tomorrow (Tuesday, September 21st). Again, we are on a bit of a tight turnaround because we want to give her as much time as possible to work around her schedule. And non-members of the community are free to participate! If you are posting anonymously just provide your first name or the online name you go by and general location, if you wish.
Tags: interview: bamber news, interview: law & order: uk, tv: law and order: uk

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