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Martian Hari

On Set Photos from "Le pere de ma fille"

 A couple of shots of Jamie (along with Olivia Ruiz and their other co-stars) have turned up via Dordogne Libre. The same blogger who has been occasionally posting about the film while covering the Excideuil region has a new blog up where, from what I can gather while skimming it very quickly, seems to indicate that the film has wrapped (or is about to) and this was one of the last scenes to be filmed. (Where's our French girls? Confirm? ;) )  

Anyway, it's the garden party that was referenced in the extras call which appears to be the reception after the wedding of Jamie and Olivia's characters. (Jeez, I guess that's a spoiler? The casting call kind of gave it away so early on!)


Edit: I missed one! Thanks, asta77:

You can see the rest of the shots in their gallery HERE.

Photos by Jean-Jacques Joudinaud
Tags: film: un jour mon père viendra, photos: un jour mon pere viendra
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