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Discussion: Law & Order: UK, Ep 1.2: "Unloved"

"Unloved," written by Terry Cafolla

Anyone who is just now watching L&O:UK for the first time on BBC America (or just wants to discuss the episode again), here is your thread for chatting about Episode 1.2. Couple of quick thoughts (because I haven't got time for too many at the mo!):

- On repeat viewings, little Richard Wisker (who plays Jono Blake) just continues to astound. It might be one of the best child performances I've EVER seen. Esp. the bit where he stares Ronnie down and says "You think you're sooo clever, don't ya?" Such a little smart arse!! But he absolutely sells the heartbreak and confusion when we realize just how rejected and removed from emotion he really is.

- I do still appreciate that Terry C. decided only to touch on Matt's past abuse with a few key lines - the one about baggy clothes hiding a lot, the manner in which he prods the stepfather in interrogation and of course the line about "I've been that kid". (I have always loved Jamie's delivery of that line, it's authentic and emotional and works nicely to defuse how steamed up Matt is just prior (when he's trying to advocate for the stepdad's guilt) and, without that to balance it, Matt would seem a little too cocky in his rush to judgment.)

- The second half of the scene in the soup kitchen got the ax on BBCA (including "I'm Old Bill, not Prehistoric Bill"...damn! Love that line. ;) ). Anyone else notice the other cut? I'm blanking.

- It always struck me as a bold choice to go with the defense brief James has a romantic history with in just the second episode, but it works in this particular case, a lot of that owing to Dervla Kirwan and Ben Daniels having great chemistry. Bea ends up being just as much of a thorn later in the series (in "Hidden") but in this one, I buy that there's a genuine sense of guilt for what she's started and the potential further damage she's done to this kid.

Anyone else? Thoughts? Questions?
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