Discussion: Law & Order: UK, Ep 1.2: "Unloved" - Jamie Bamber News
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Discussion: Law & Order: UK, Ep 1.2: "Unloved"
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: October 14th, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
In the early episodes of the series, it seems there had to be a least one scene of Matt flirting with Alesha. "How come he gets to have breakfast with you?"

Though Jamie is adorable in that little moment, in retrospect I think Bradley’s my favorite part of that scene. “What, all of ‘em?! You are taking the Michael!” XD

Re: comparing “Unloved” and “Broken”, I think all of that is ripe for discussion and seeing as we have Twitter access to both writers, maybe we should put the question to both of them. ;) (When they have time to answer, I know the show’s in production now so it can wait if it has to. We still have Emilia’s Q&A coming!) Another aspect to take into account – though in reality I suppose it shouldn’t matter from a legal standpoint, murder is murder – is the differences in ages and immediate circumstances between the victims. Danny, I believe, was a little bit older than Jono (or were they same age?) and killed while they were out plotting a theft, i.e. rebellious teen behavior; meanwhile, Rose killed a very small child in a situation where she was ostensibly meant to be caring for his well being (even though she hadn’t been strictly given that task by his mum.) How do each of those sets of circumstances inform the reactions, and how much of that was the writers’ intent? It definitely presents a debatable contrast.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out the foster mum – I posted the thread quick and meant to bring her up, she’s a really wonderful/realistic character in that situation.
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