The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

"Un jour mon père viendra", formerly "Le père de ma fille"

It appears Jamie's film, Le père de ma fille, has been renamed Un jour mon père viendra. The new title loosely translates to "one day my father will come," and would seem to be a play on "someday my prince will come", not that Snow White has anything to do with the production. ;) I couldn't obtain any official confirmation regarding the change, but it's not unusual for a film to be retitled and with the film's release a long way off, this may not be the final name for the film.

zegeekgirl first spotted the title change at uniFrance. And not only did Comme an Cinema make the same change, but the site also has the release date moved up to July 2011.

In Law & Order: UK news, one of ITV's worst kept secrets would be that the series will be back for another thirteen episodes. While there has been no official announcement about the renewal, filming began this past Sunday and should continue until Spring 2011. :)
Tags: film: un jour mon père viendra, tv: law and order: uk

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