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Law & Order: UK Discussion for Episode 1.3, "Vice"

"Vice" written by Chris Chibnall

I must confess, I don't have much to say about "Vice". That's not an indication of what I thought of the quality of the episode. It's just, for me, more so than other episodes, it had a feeling of familiarity to it. I'm not even sure I saw the Law & Order episode upon which "Vice" was adapted, but I had seen this story before, down to the false accusations of rape in order to obtain an acquittal.

I know I mention the terrific guest casting on every post (and will probably continue to do so ;), but here was an instance where a so-so episode (in my humble opinion) was elevated to a solid episode by the supporting players. The actress who played the young prostitute especially stands out. She was particularly good in the interrogation scene with Matt and, once again, we are given more evidence of Matt's own troubled childhood.

One thing I've noticed as the series has progressed, when Matt or Ronnie reveal a bit of themselves in interrogations the suspects seem to believe their understanding is genuine. It's a nice departure from the U.S. version of the series where the detectives sharing is often viewed with great suspicion (and often with good reason).

My absolute favorite moment of the episode involved Natalie's unique reference to Frank's (the victim) penis:

Matt: (Laughing) "You don't really call it a ninky-nonk?"
Natale: "You should hear what I call you."
Matt: (Stops Laughing)

And that's all I have in my notes! I think I may have been a bit warn out by the ongoing (and quite interesting!) discussion involving "Masquerade". So what did all of you think of "Vice"?
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