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Martian Hari

L&O:UK On Set Photo + The Mystery of DS Devlin's Medallion = SOLVED ;)

First things first - gracias to Twitter user @damager, who it seems happened upon the Law & Order: UK set today while he was walking down the road and snapped a quick photo of Jamie and Bradley:

Someone got a haircut. ;)

Meanwhile, a little investigative wardrobe tale for you all... Some of you may have been wondering as we have about the ubiquitous Catholic saint's medallion that Jamie wears as Matt Devlin. Well, we didn't wonder too much initially, to be honest - I assumed it was a St. Christopher medal, and I think a few others did too.  But recently, asta77 and I both caught an episode of Hawaii Five-0 where Grace Park's character was gifted with a St. Michael medal, as he's apparently the patron saint of police officers. (Huh. You learn something new every day...)  Anyway, suddenly we (along with dramaturgca ) started furiously speculating for the sake of... well, speculating. D'oh. ;) 

Thankfully, the kind and ever-awesome Emilia di Girolamo did a bit of detective work and had someone snap a photo from the set. Not only is it most certainly a St. Christopher medal.... here's the one, in all its glory (well, when Jamie's not wearing it anyway. Hee.): 

(If anyone's actually looking to own one, here it is... and a less expensive version in silver.)
Mystery solved. And a million thanks to Emilia for indulging our thoroughly trainspottery curiosity. XD
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