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Character of the Month: Martin Klar
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: October 28th, 2010 05:19 am (UTC) (Link Me)
OK, Disc 1 of Dollhouse S2 arrived from Netflix today, for the express purpose of me listening to Joss's commentary on "Vows". XD Here are the major highlights (in teh Whedon's own words - please read with his customary, occasional whiff of sarcasm):

Dancing at the wedding scene: "I want to take a minute here to say... Jamie Bamber. I was SO not having a man-crush on him. Because that would be weird if I did that, and I'm proud of my rabid heterosexuality. He was just great, a real gentleman and spot-on with his work. Very fierce, the two of them played off each other beautifully. She did not mind when he took his shirt off, she was totally OK with that, which is really professional of her. And it was a great experience for me because the episode requires a bit of a straw man, that character is not necessarily drawn out that much. He's a villain, he's an arms dealer - he's a charming guy, but an arms dealer. And Jamie, having been Apollo, had so much righteousness and so much decency behind everything he said that he played off and against the character in a way that really strengthened it."

Martin shoving the photos of Echo with Paul in her face: "And of course, the subtext here is: 'Why does Helo have a bigger part than Apollo in this show?' And we deal with that a lot because obviously that's what the audience is asking themselves." XD

Jamie's big villainy monologue @ the end: "I love Jamie in this scene because he's playing his hurt and his outrage that he's been betrayed, while getting to be completely villainous and... British. And, you know, playing very arch without every really losing the reality of the thing. That was a good time, and he just has a great electricity in this scene."

And... that's about it. :P Although he does confirm that due to their having limited access to Amy Acker, the Whiskey plotline was increased in this episode, he doesn't go the extra step and expand on whether or not that affected the Martin/Echo plot w/ regard to screen time.

Also, of note, the last fist-fight between Martin and Paul before Martin tries to escape... all Jamie and Tahmoh. No stunt doubles. W00T. ;) (It's kind of short in the edit, tho, eh? NEED RAW FOOTAGE. Heh.)
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