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New Information About an Old Photo Shoot

I arrived home this evening to find amongst my LJ notifications a comment by Mr. Howard Webster, the photographer responsible for those great photos of Jamie that popped up online in January - the ones with the lemon. ;) Mr. Webster was curious as to how copyrighted photos of his are being posted online and if I had any idea who the source was. I don't think any of us were ever able to determine where they originated from, but if anyone has any knowledge now please leave a comment so Mr. Webster can see how the leak(?) came about.

If Mr. Webster does not wish to give us permission to keep them up here, I have volunteered to take them down. It was quite clear from his comments that he knew no harm was meant, but I understand his reasoning for not wanting to see his copyrighted work reproduced, some of which he never planned on being seen, without his consent.

As to how they came to be - the photos were taken for an upcoming interview/article in Factory - the film industry magazine. Four photos can be seen at Mr. Webster's site, Howard Webster Photography. Click on the London link then scroll to Jamie's pics.

"It was from a shoot I did in London late in 06 - you can see some of the pics from it on my photography website ( and we will be publishing a Jamie Bamber special in the upcoming edition of Factory ( which is distributed to the movie business directly in LA and NY and London!"

"Jamie was great at the shoot - and he was a great sport. He led the charge - as you will see on my website - of young actors, directors etc in our very own, London gangster version of the OK Corral!"

"By the way - the concept of the shoot was Jamie with rising star British directors, actors etc - in an action scenario. The lemon - was really just a bit of fun and was not ever really intended to be published."

"Still, he is great and the real shoot - looks amazing in the magazine."
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