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Friday Forum: Law & Order: UK Hiatus Edition

No new Law & Order: UK on ITV this week, but there is some news to cover.

Series 4: Episode 4.1 might be airing next week. tona_91 posted at louk_mattdevlin that CityTV has a new episode scheduled for Thursday, November 4th. However, the CityTV site doesn't have any information up on the main schedule grid. And if you click on the link to the L&O:UK page you're taken to information on this weeks episode (a repeat). Adding to the confusion, the episode description that has been located is for episode 4.1, but the episode is called "ID", not "Denial", which is the title of episode 4.2. So, basically, we're asking the Canadian fans to let us know what's going on next week. :)

Ratings: TV By The Numbers FINALLY reported on BBC America's ratings for Law & Order: UK. The October 15th airing garnered 271,000 viewers. Now, you might be thinking, "That's it?!", but BBCA is in far fewer households than the broadcast networks and many cable networks. If you compare the ratings to other BBCA shows, the ratings are quite good! And much improved over the Sunday debut which only brought in 186,000 viewers.

Season 1 on DVD: Just a reminder that Season 1 is now widely available on DVD and can be found at Best Buy, and Go forth and purchase!

Administrative Stuff: In semi-exciting news, we're almost like a real website now! By that I mean, if you head to the top of your browser and type, you will be directed, well, here. :) zegeekgirl and I felt it would make the site a bit easier to find to the world at large and give us room to grow if needed. For those reading off their friends list or who have bookmarked the site, nothing has changed.

I also completed an overhaul of the tagging system. Who knew we'd have so many posts? I'm 95% satisfied with the tags at the moment, which are 100& better than they were before, and I think you'll find it much easier to find information, photos, discussions, etc. I do still need to go back and make sure all the posts are tagged, but I'll save that for another rainy day. ;)

And now the floor is open!
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