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Law & Order: UK Episode 4.1, "I.D." - Discussion Thread

"I.D." written by Emilia di Girolamo

This discussion is mightily delayed, but there were some issues involving a) getting the opportunity to see it and b) being on vacation and mostly computer and internet free. There was even some talk of skipping "I.D.", but I'm a completest! So this must be written.

"I.D.", with Andy Goddard at the helm, continues to push the envelope in terms of the look of the show. With Series 3 and 4 (or Season 2 for those of us in the U.S.), the series has a richer look, playing with light and shadow, composition and close-ups. I've often felt much of U.K. television, in terms of appearance, has a sameness about it. One cop/detective series looks very much like the next. But L&O:UK is developing it's own style - not like anything in the U.K. and not like it's U.S. counterparts either.

As for the story itself, this struck me as very much an Emilia script: children as both perpetrator and victim. Billy's life is shattered; first by the crime he committed, and then by the prison system that turned a blind eye to his abuse. Billy did deserve to be punished for his involvement in the teacher's murder, but did he deserve to be brutalized himself?. Had he been Alice's killer, was it because he was a bad seed? (As Jono Blake was perceived to be by too many in "Unloved".) Or because the system failed to help him and he resorted to violence, as before, to solve his problems? And I couldn't help but wonder if Rose from "Broken" awaits the same fate as Billy. In prison or out, these children face a life sentence – unable to escape the past and struggling to have a future.

Nicola Walker was superb as Daniela Renzo. By episode's end I really hated her. Another instance of a very twisted love. She was more than willing to let Billy go back to prison so she could continue to work with him or, more precisely, be with him. I did feel early on Daniela was the killer (it had to be either she or Billy), but I appreciated there was a build up to her confession. It was fascinating to watch her story evolve as she was confronted with more and more evidence as to her guilt. And how awesome was Natalie just letting Daniela ramble on as she put on the plastic gloves to take the DNA sample? :)

I'm not sure this counts as a James-centric script, but we certainly saw a lot of him. I LOVED Eli fanboying James and James informing him, “You can get my autograph later.” Hee! And it was nice to see, for once, a plea deal quickly reached even if it was just as quickly tossed aside. I also enjoyed seeing James play investigator (it's not completely realistic, but we've seen Alesha do it before). I suspected Billy was confessing to the teacher's murder, but I can understand why Matt, Ronnie and Alesha took it as a confession to Alice's murder. The circumstances were very similar. At the same time, it presented a nice instance of people hearing what you want to hear in order to get a desired result.

I did have issues with George's reaction to James's unwillingness to participate in a cover-up and what that could result in. I failed to see how one murder trial, and the potential for being unable to seat an unbiased jury, was going to potentially lead to the end of jury trials in the U.K. Maybe I'm missing something as an American, but it seemed like an overreaction.

Did Billy kill himself or was he killed? I'm willing to believe it was the latter, given past history, but I do think it's possible it was the former. He was a broken man at the end with, from his perspective, nothing left to live for.

If I had one complaint about the episode it was the ex-boyfriend, who obviously still hadn't spent enough on anger management therapy and was an obvious red herring. I probably shouldn't even mention it since the red herring is a staple of many a L&O episode.

Finally, is it just me or did Jamie sound like he had a cold during some scenes? ;)

A poll! I don't think I've ever done a poll before. With CityTV airing the episodes at 10:00pm on Thursdays (and relying on the kindness of strangers to see the episodes) it may not be until Saturday that myself and others have the opportunity to see the latest episode. With that in mind, and with your help, I'm trying to determine what day to post the discussion thread. :)

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