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Law & Order: UK News

While ITV's latest announcement regarding Law & Order: UK does not involve Jamie, since we discuss the series on a regular basis and we've all become big fans in no small part because of Jamie, I felt it was OK to bend the rules a bit. Simply Television, via a press release by ITV, has announced cast changes for the upcoming series, currently in production, of 'Law & Order: UK'.

Peter Davison and Dominic Rowan join the cast of ITV's highly successful drama Law & Order: UK as filming begins on 13 new episodes.

Law & Order: UK is based on Dick Wolf’s groundbreaking US format which remains the most successful brand on primetime U.S. television. Commissioned for the UK by Peter Fincham, ITV’s Director of Television, Channels and Online and Laura Mackie, ITV’s Director of Drama, the third series of Law & Order: UK launched with 5.5 million viewers and with series four to air next year the drama has established itself as one of ITV's most popular.

This time around the critically acclaimed cast, including Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman have a tough, new ally in their fight for justice in the form of Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne; a working class hero played by Dominic Rowan (Catwalk Dogs, The Family Man).

And Peter Davison (Unforgiven, Distant Shores,The Last Detective) is Henry Sharpe taking over the job of Director of the CPS - previously held by George Castle (Bill Paterson). Henry is a down to earth pragmatist and a great boss who has worked with Jacob Thorne before.

Bill Paterson is set to return in future series as the newly appointed Director of Public Prosecutions. Other guest stars lining up for series four include Juliet Stevenson, Tobias Menzies, Eddie Marsan and Nicola Walker.

I'm assuming the guest starring information is an error on ITV's part since some of those individuals have appeared in the episodes currently airing. It doesn't take much deductive reasoning to realize Ben Daniels is no longer with the series. I've really come to like James and Ben will be very much missed by me as well as many of you. While I'm unfamiliar with Dominic Rowan, I am excited to see what Peter Davison will bring to his role.
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