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Law & Order: UK Discussion Thread - Episode 4x05, "Help"

"Help", written by Terry Cafolla
Well, now... THAT'S MORE LIKE IT. Team work! High tension! Standoffs! Stakeouts! Chips! Tea! Suffice to say there isn't much about this episode that I didn't like. ;) Easily my favorite S4 episode so far, and unsurprisingly it's from the pen (laptop?) of Terry Cafolla. (Also director James Strong, who helmed "Confession.") Oh, Terry. You are unfeasibly good and it kinda guts me that this ep of L&O:UK is likely your last. *EPIC SADFACE* Hell of a high note to go out on, though.

Totally pegged the spurned girl in the opening scene for a girlfriend... oh, wait, no it's his sister. Whoops!

Ha, Joy likes fast cars, aye? YAY for random character development of the CID support team. More of this, please. ("You been at the unleaded again, Joy?" Oh, Ronnie.)

Once again... RONNIE + CHIPS. I was inspired this time... ;)

Heeee. Oh, and now we know where the Jamie digging through bin bags shots came from.

You see, Terry, this is why I'm going to miss you so... well, the whole episode is demonstrative of that, really. But honestly... BARRY FLOWERS. How do you DO that and never interfere with the dramatic tension? The humor just sings. (Totally flashed back to Matt trying not to burst out laughing at "Intensive Care", too. STIFLE!!)

"Dust off your morning suit, Ronnie"..."Not likely, last wife cut the arms off it." LULZ. Also, double LULZ at Matt pulling a food-yank on Ronnie's... what was that? Didn't look like a sausage roll, but anyway... keep teasing, sunshine. YOU HAVE TO EAT, TOO. XD

The whole device of having Mike be worried about missing his wedding works wonders playing against whether or not he could be nervous for some other reason. (i.e. Matt's comment about how he's pacing, "wearing holes in the carpet"... it's a bit of both, really, isn't it?) Also, first of a few gooooood BAD COP moments for Matt in this ep. Woof. He takes the lead much of the time and blimey, he's for keeps this week, inn'he? (Jamie is fantastic in the scene where they're grilling Mike's boss at the restaurant. And it wasn't lost on me that Matt refers to the boss as "son" at the end of one sentence. Love a flash of Ronnie rubbing off on him. ;) )

And again, DO NOT PISS THE LAD ABOUT in the second interrogation of Mike. "Right, then I'll put a description out for 'Mr. Invisible,' then, shall I?" Hee. But it works, he coughs up Don Marsh's name. (Also, swear to god, I was trying not to giggle at the oddity of Mike's top hat sitting there on the table and then, half a second later, Mike himself is chuckling about his hat on the table. +10 for absurdity. {{{Terry}}} Ooh, and what about that Don Marsh, aye? Nasty customer, and frankly I LOVED that it is demonstrated that here is a perp who has been nearly-nicked so many times that not only is he well known, but he knows Ronnie.... knows about his family problems, and his alcoholism. +10 for perps with histories! (Oh, and +10 more, just because. Seriously, people. THIS EPISODE.)

But what about Natalie? It's a GREAT week for Natalie, too, what with her being all extra-protective of her boys giving them the keys to the attic to work in private. Also, once they get the young bloke from the gym in for questioning, she lays into him pretty brilliantly. Yeah, unadvised to be a pissy teenager around the guv, kid. She knows all too well how to handle pissy teenagers. +10 for CID Mama! XD

Oh, yeah, the kid from the gym... OMG, THE SCENE AT THE GYM. The episode is terrific enough as it is without throwing a complete nail-biter of a standoff in the middle of it. Adore Ronnie in his element, cool and collected, meanwhile Matt is having kittens trying to keep a lid on the situation outside. (Repeat: OUTSIDE, not in the room where he can keep an eye on the whelp pointing a gun at his da... I mean, his partner. ;) ) Stresssssful. So much so that this happened...

Honestly, I might have clawed at the monitor for all of half a second trying to cuddle him. {{{{{DAMN IRISH WHY SO AWESOME?}}}}}

Also, may have let out a *squee* of awesome when at the 23 minute mark we've got CID and CPS back in a room. Altogether, like. FINALLY. TEEEEEAM! (Loved James all "Don Maaarsh! Good work!" at Matt & Ronnie, too. Hee. Balls of Steel is double plus excite, kids, this has clearly been a long time coming.)

Thrilled beyond measure that Eddie Marsan was back as Jason Peters this week. He was my favorite defense brief in the first 13 and he continues to be terrific; less focus on his OCD ticks this time, but that's understandible given it's his second appearance and also wouldn't have fit the tone of this episode. But on the job he's still unflappable and clearly hasn't forgotten that James beat him last time (See: "Love & Loss") +50 for callbacks, Terry!

This judge? WOT A DICK. ("If I strangled him, I could be out in what? 10 years?" Bahaha, Steely.) On the plus side, he gives James and George plenty to strategize and banter about. Oh, CPS mens. Already missing you. *clings to Ben 'n' Bill*

And because this episode is made of total WIN, everyone must get something vital to do... so Alesha gets the job of turning Mike around and getting him to cooperate. Which, let's face it, may be the toughest job anyone's got in this ep - the poor man is IN HELL, all because he wanted to be a good person and help someone out. Think about that... how many times in your life have you actually paused from your daily grind, because that day you felt like doing something good, and helped out a stranger. Most of us do it now and again, whether it's something menial like helping them pick up loose change they dropped or holding open an elevator door. What if something like that led to a sequence of events that put your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger? (My heart broke in the scene after Fiona is attacked... Jesus, poor woman.) Yet you could still put it right... but at what cost? OY VEY, this episode. Anyway, back to Alesha... she pulls it off. Because she's fupping brilliant. (And so is Freema, FYI.)

As if all the COPPERS! joy this week wasn't enough, we get a gift-wrapped present of a scene in the form of the stakeout... which could have been very cut and dry, let's face it. But we also get Matt shoving Ronnie's dinner IN AN EVIDENCE BAG to get rid of the stank (LMFAO!) and bonus flak jacket from the lad. OOF. I know, it was like two seconds, but I'm not going to bemoan the lack of Action!Matt because we're already being spoiled.

One minor caveat in all the celebratory squee's for a second just to point out that James is being reckless again. Yeah, I know, it WORKS this time, and that conviction is soooo satisfying, but dude... such a bully sometimes, Jimmy! (Also, with one episode to go that has an eyebrow-raiser of a description, I couldn't help but wonder if Jason's "That's your problem, James, you care. It'll be your downfall one day." was written in as foreshadowing for the series finale? Eek. Note to self: tweet Terry about that later. Don't forget!)

'kay, enough from me. Unleash the squee. 

p.s. it's been a while, but here... have a big fat pic-spam. We've earned it. ;) (Click to embiggen)

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