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Reminder: L&O:UK Back on BBCA Tonight + Episode 2x05 "Love and Loss" Thoughts

First things first, reminder:  BBC America's broadcasts of Law & Order: UK resume tonight with the Series 2 finale (or Season 1, as they'd have it over here), "Honour Bound."  (Anyone who missed my Matt-centric run-down of this episode for Character of the Month in September, it's here; meanwhile, asta77 will be back with a proper discussion next week!)  Next week, Series 3&4/Season 2 kicks off with Emilia Di Girolamo's "Broken."  (At this point, I suspect BBCA will get through the remaining 13 episodes and then, hopefully, air Series 5 at the same time it debuts in the UK in the fall.  Or at least soon thereafter. Wouldn't THAT be nice?)

Otherwise, since I didn't get around to the "Love & Loss" discussion before the holiday rush kicked in, here's a short-short version.  With a very pretty photo. ;)

"Love and Loss,"  Written by Terry Cafolla

It's a Terry episode, meaning it's physically impossible for me not to like it. ;)  And I do appreciate the lighter touches in this ep very, very much...

- Matt's semi-throwaway line "I bring back a stick of rock from my holidays"… meaning he never takes enough time off to get further than, say, Brighton for a weekend? (But what does he doooo in Brighton, and who does he dooooo it with? ;) )

- Ronnie's wonderful attachment to this particular case, be it his gentle demeanor w/ the mother in the dead girl's bedroom, or being extra smart-arsed with bureaucratic red-tape on the phone, or being in the right place at the right time to give James the idea for how to nail Gilmore in the end.  Awww, Dad. 

- Oona. How anyone can't love Oona is beyond me. ;) Goth crisp-eating mums FTW.

- Every last bit of the "Intensive Care" scene and aftermath, including the source of my icon (see above) and the guy hobbling backward through cones, which I so wanted to get a GIF of and haven't taken the time to make one. But again, this episode is an example of Terry balancing really horrible, sad subject matter and treating it fairly w/ flashes of humor that are genuinely funny and don't cheapen the material. (I have read opinions of people who disagree, but I disagree with their disagreement, so there. ;) Which isn't to say that if anyone else disagrees, they shouldn't speak up… please do!)

- Deleted scene all-time hall of fame, this one. ;)  For those who still haven't seen it:

I'll keep my summary relatively brief in the hopes that some of you will pitch in other things you liked. It's been quiet 'round here.  Make some noise. ;)
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