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Jamie Bamber and Bradly Walsh NPR Interview

For those who were unable to listen Jamie and Bradley's interview or may have missed it, it will be up on NPR's website at 12:00pm EST today. You can find a link to Weekend Edition Saturday, along with a brief recap of the interview, HERE. It looks like they may be posting just Jamie and Bradley's segment on that page, otherwise the interview was about forty minutes into the program and lasted roughly ten minutes. I believe zegeekgirl will try and use her magic to post their segment later today. ;)

The NPR recap does a nice job of hitting upon the highlights, but my two favorite moments had to be when Scott Simon referred to Jamie/Matt as the "cute one" in the partnership, then asked Mr. Walsh if that was the wrong thing to say. And as the interview ends, Bradley throws in a "Dun Dun".

Also, Jamie doesn't understand why the British can't get over the wig tradition. I think the American in him is showing. ;)

ETA: NPR has kindly provided a link for download, but if it doesn't work for some reason, zegeekgirl has posted a mirror HERE.
Tags: interview: law & order: uk, interview: radio/podcast, tv: law and order: uk

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