Paper Fidelity aka: Kelly (paperfidelity) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Paper Fidelity aka: Kelly

Birthday Project

As some of you saw this morning I posted asking about a Birthday Project for Jamie. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start one up. If someone already has one going I'll be glad to help out with what they have planned but I have yet to find one.

When I have in mind is a charity component to the project as well as a literal birthday part. I have a few charities in mind and have information about them. What I'd like to do is see what charity everyone has the most interest in supporting and anything collected will go to them.

Save the Children. Jamie supported when he took part in the Celebrity Poker Showdown.

International Childcare Trust. Jamie helped his sister with an event for this charity last year.

I found two additional charities interesting and felt like sharing information on them as well.

DrawBridge. Is an arts program for homeless and at risk children.

Operation Smile. They help repair childhood facial deformities and campaigns for sustainable health care.

Please comment about a charity you feel interested in.
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