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Jamie Bamber in 'Peak Practice'

At long last, we have Jamie in Peak Practice! zegeekgirl and I have referred to the series as the Holy Grail. The elusive performance neither of us have been able to track down accept for a couple of brief clips many moons ago. Series 6 was released on DVD in the UK late last year, but Jamie appeared in the final series, Series 12, so we're probably looking at 2013 for a release. But lucky for us, ddt73 has tracked down most, if not all, of the episodes featuring Jamie. We FINALLY get to see Dr. Matt Kendall in action!

Jamie Bamber on Peak Practice - S12E05
Uploaded by ddt73. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

I chose to embed the first episode not because it's Jamie's first episode, but because of the final thirty seconds featuring The Kiss. The rest of the episodes are available HERE at ddt73's Live Journal or HERE at Dailymotion.

My general thoughts: Jamie looks very pretty! But in the battle of the Matt's, Matt the Copper appears to be far better at his job the Matt the Doctor. Though, Dr. Matt get to show off his lovely arms far more. And maybe because America gave the world Grey's Anatomy (do I need to apologize? ;), Peak Practice seems rather timid and boring in comparison. Still, not nearly as painful to sit through as some of his other TV and film appearances.

Now go forth and discuss. Or squee about the superficial. I recommend the latter.
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