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The First Evil

Discussion for Law & Order: UK - Episode 3.4, "Confession"

"Confession" written by Terry Cafolla

There are a lot of excellent episodes of Law & Order: UK, but an argument could be made that "Confession" is the best damn Matt Devlin episode to date. :) I shall point you to this post in which we discussed Terry and Jamie's awesomeness when the episode first aired.

As I rewatched tonight, I could sense small cuts had been made to scenes. But when I realized BBCA cut the entire scene in which Nugent goes to Matt on the pretense of asking a favor - he needs to have a police officer verify he reported to a station each day or risks having his bail revoked - when what his real desire is to stick the knife in Matt and twist it, I got ragey. Technically, it's not a scene that is integral to the plot, but it makes clear Nugent knows he's guilty and has no remorse for his actions. Plus, it's a nice character moment for Matt. Does he attack Nugent as is clear he would love to do? Or does he keep his outrage in check, thus not endangering the case and his job? He does the right thing, even as it's obvious it causes him a great deal of pain.
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