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The Reports of Jamie Bamber in LA are Not Greatly Exaggerated

In recent weeks, there have been tweets from Jamie’s fellow BSG cast members about reunions in LA (although, my favorite tweet may be from a fan who started off with, "Jamie Bamber and James Callis walk into a bar..."). Jamie and Kerry seen on the set of the film Filly Brown, shooting in LA. And Jamie attended the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this past Friday. I’ve being reading speculation as to what it all means. So, to the best of my ability, I’m going to try and clarify what has happened and what is happening.

Jamie and his family currently reside in LA. The plan is to stay in LA. What does that mean for his involvement with Law & Order: UK? Jamie had a contract for three series of thirteen episodes. ITV later opted to split the three series into six. With his contract nearing it’s end, he asked to be released a bit early. My speculation is this has to do with ‘pilot season’ currently underway in Hollywood. Jamie remains a cast member for series 3 (or series 5 & 6) and production should be wrapping up in the not too distant future. As is the custom with most television series, episodes are filmed out of order and I know Jamie was recently back in the UK to work on an episode.

ITV, if they stay true to form with previous schedules, should air half the new episodes in the fall of this year and the rest in the winter/spring of 2012. ITV has not yet announced they will be commissioning the show for another thirteen episodes. That’s a long period of time for an actor to be uncertain as to what his next job will be, especially with a family to support. And while Law & Order: UK is an excellent series, one that has served to increase Jamie’s profile as an actor since Battlestar Galactica ended, there are more opportunities to be explored in LA, as well as economic incentives. Generally, U.S. television series have larger episode orders and, if successful, can run for a very long time (See: Law & Order ;).

I know there will be mixed feelings about this news. I was torn myself, but I believe Jamie is making some good decisions in regards to his future and I’m confidant we will have some casting news soon.
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