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Order Information for Special Edition of Factory

After several e-mail exchanges I think I got this figured out!

First off, Howard has shared with Jamie and his publicist the mock up the cover. His publicist, no surprise, loves the idea. And Jamie just sent a Q&A to add to the article which Howard says is hilarious.

As for getting this done, it is a bit daunting, but let's see what we can do. In order for this to be a financially sound move for Factory, they need roughly 1000 orders. The cost would be 5 pounds or roughly 10 U.S. dollars plus shipping and handling. To add to the crunch, they go to press next Tuesday. If they were to do a seperate run after that it would be a hassle for them and the cost would go way up for us.

For a variety of reasons, sending requests to the subscription department isn't working well. So to ease the strain on their resources and compile a master list of interested parties, I have set up an e-mail address in which to send your requests to: bambernews (at) gmail (dot) com. I just set it up ten minutes ago so it should be spam free for awhile and you don't need to worry about your e-mail getting mixed up with any of my personal e-mail. Please include your name, e-mail addy, and how many issues you would like to order. I'm setting a deadline for 11:59pm EST Saturday for receiving requests. That way I can compile a list and forward it early Sunday to Howard. If I find any of this becomes overwhelming, Mel has generously offered to help me/us out.

If it turns out this project is doable then Howard will send me information as to how to make payment and I'll post it to the comm. Payment will either be via credit card or pay pal. Howard isn't certain yet since they've never really had this situation come up before. Consider us a test case. :)

Keep in mind that Factory is fronting the costs for all of this. I made a reasonable assurance that if people make a commitment to buy, they will come through with payment. Considering I know how many of us have purchased autographs, photo ops, magazines, DVDs, etc in the past, I really don't see any problems with follow through.

And Howard told me I could mention one other possability which could be in addition to the magazine or in lieu of it if we can't make the deadline with enough orders. Howard said that they could produce a limited edition poster of Jamie's cover. Right now he has no idea what the cost would be and, again, they would need a 1000 orders, but it's something they could do with enough interest.

I hope I covered everything. If you feel I neglected to mention something or if you have any questions please, please let me know and I'll edit this post.

Now spread the word, send those e-mails, and cross your fingers!
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