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Jamie Bamber @ Santa Barbara Film Festival + Interview in 'The Stage' (UK)

• First up, a photo is courtesy of good ol' Dennys Ilic, whose BSG final days shots we know so well; from the Santa Barbara Film Festival screening of Michael Rymer's Face to Face. (Pic appeared on the film's Facebook page - incidentally, it also won the festival's independent feature award. Go Rymer! ;) )

L-R: Sigrid Thornton, Jamie Bamber, Josh Sakariassen, Dennys Ilic, Shelby Morrisroe
Photo © Dennys Ilic

• Second: British theatrical paper The Stage apparently features an interview with Jamie in the issue dated today, 10 February, which should be at newsagents right now:

Jamie Bamber, star of new BBC1 sci-fi drama series Outcasts, tells Matthew Hemley what he finds so appealing about distant galaxies and why pinning his writer down during ash cloud chaos helped him find his character

The interview is NOT available on the paper's website, so hey UK members... this is your heads-up. ;)
Tags: interview: outcasts, photos: event

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