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More '17th Precinct' Details
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: February 16th, 2011 05:51 am (UTC) (Link Me)
I agree 100% on the Dresden Files comparison. And as was noted over on battlestar_blog in the comments... that's not at all a bad thing. ;) (I've gotten the impression that the HP comparison may have been chucked out during a pitch meeting in an attempt to get the network brass to soften to the concept. Something in the most catch-all pop culture terms that they can understand. XD Why no, I don't underestimate network suits AT ALL...)

The spiritual element, and in particular the celebration of the Equinox, has an element of Pagan underpinnings (not all that surprising given the premise of the show) which IMO is very, very intriguing to introduce into a network drama. That's the kind of religion I can get behind. ;)

Without getting into the spoilers which will not be discussed, I'm definitely attempting not to read too much into what may be going on or where that storyline might go... simply because, well, we have nothing but portions of a script to go on. (And who knows whether or not this will end up being a 90-minute premiere or two-parter opener or what.) It would be thorougly unwise to make any assumptions. ;) I love the description of Caolan, though; to me there seems to be a great deal that plays to Jamie's strengths and will challenge him in ways that perhaps he hasn't been before.

Positively in love with the TV aspect of Liam's character, too. Push that envelope, Ron. PUSH IT HARD. *applause*
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