The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Premiere Dates for Series 4 of 'Law & Order: UK'

Now, the lucky Canadians are way ahead of all of us getting to see Series 4 of Law & Order: UK. At least on TV. ;) But the U.S. looks to be getting a few days jump on the U.K....sort of. According to my cable provider and the BBC America website, "I.D.", the first episode of Series 4 according to IMDB and the Canadian broadcast of the series, will debut on BBCA on Friday, March 4th. However, ITV1 will be broadcasting the fifth episode, "Help", on Monday, March 7th at 9:00pm. Details can be found at the ITV Press Centre.

I'm not sure why different episodes are airing as the first of the series, though it's possible it's filming order versus the order the episodes were intended to air. If I find our more, I'll update!
Tags: tv: law and order: uk

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