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Friday Forum: '17th Precinct' Wish List?

We have three pieces of the cast puzzle in place now for 17th Precinct; in addition to Jamie and Stockard Channing, yesterday it was announced that the terrific Eamonn Walker (Oz, Kings) has been cast as DCI Wilder Blanks. So we thought it'd be a good time to post a Friday Forum thread and have a little fun while we await further details. ;)

What would your wish-list for 17th Precinct be? - by which we mean, how would you like to see the creative forces continue to take shape? Who are some actors you'd love to see cast in this mix, for a specific role (if you are familiar with the pilot script) or just in general? What about writers who might make a good addition to the staff if the show gets a series pick-up?

I'm a little hesitant to ascribe any particular actors to particular parts, for a start because I haven't read the complete script yet. But that said, I sat down and banged out a short list of actors I love who don't seem to have major conflicting project that would prohibit their participation, and before I knew it the short list was 20 deep. :) I'm sure I could come up with more, but just for a start I had:

- Clancy Brown
- Victor Garber
- Carl Lumbly
- David Anders
- Merrin Dungey
- Robin Weigert
- Kim Dickens
- Rebecca Mader 
- Alicia Witt
- Zuleikha Robinson
- Jeff Fahey
- James Badge Dale
- Arliss Howard
- Sean Maher
- Melanie Lynskey
- Gina Torres
- Reiko Aylesworth
- James Morrison
- Paget Brewster
- Sasha Roiz

If it weren't for juggling work emails as I type this, I'd probably still be adding to that list. ;) I should also note that my personal preference would be for more familiar BSG faces to appear, but I'm a little skeptical of the idea of having the principles in addition to Jamie be regulars here, too. Seems to me like they'd be setting themselves up for unnecessary criticism if too many of the main players were returning from RDM's previous big tentpole show; maybe one more, but two more would be pushing it. That said, having some of them turn up for really juicy guest arcs would be fab. (And before dramaturgca says it, yes, I expect Mark Sheppard will turn up at some point as he is contractually obligated to do so. ;) And this would coincidentally also make me teh happy.)

As far as writers go, I expect this will be a testier topic as pertains to the BSG staff; though there are wildly conflicting feelings about the writing on BSG; I think there are probably a few writers who worked on the first few seasons that it would be foolish to dismiss entirely as viable, even enticing, prospects for this show. ;) Toni Graphia, who wrote eps like "Bastille Day" and also worked with RDM on Carnivale and Roswell, popped into my head immediately. Also Jeff Vlaming, whose BSG stuff I like and IMO did some superlative work last season on Fringe… and there's Anne Cofell Saunders, who penned the "Pegasus" arc and who may be free once Smallville is done and dusted. And I'd love to see them bag Zack Whedon (whose work on Rubicon was flipping' excellent, see also: Fringe).

I'm not even going to get started on directors (yet - though one of you is welcome to) or I'll not get any work done at all. ;) Go ahead, discuss...
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