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So here's the basic information.

There will be two parts to the project.

1. Donations to Save the Children Can be made through the "gift" section of how to donate. You can check out the charity here.

2. I will be putting together a "packet" (For lack of a better word I don't know what people want to submit) of birthday cards/wishes/misc. other SMALL gifts. These gift will be accepted from today till Friday March 30th.

It'll work like this: If your submission to the "packet" can be emailed please go ahead and send it to . If your submission is something that needs to be sent through snail mail please send a request for my address to the e-mail. I'd rather not post my address all around the internet but I still want to keep this option open for people.

So how can we make this bigger and better? Get the word out! I'm not really a part of to many Galactia and Hornblower (or other fandom) internet worlds. If you are please spread the word and feel free to use the banner above or a smaller one I've made up here at the bottom.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Please link all banners back to my user info where all this information will remain posted. That link is .

All questions can be directed to me here on LJ for now or to the e-mail.
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