The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

James Callis Joins Jamie Bamber in '17th Precinct'

BFFs James Callis and Jamie Bamber - Together Again! (via

James will be playing Jeff Bosson, Caolan Longstreet's partner. Here's the description of Jeff from the casting sides: Jeff has a British accent, is also in his 30s, has long dark hair, also slender, but with the professional slouch of someone who takes pride in avoiding the gym. And given Coalan is described as blonde, with short hair, a slender build, very fit, in his mid 30s, and projects a seriousness of purpose and deep focus.....I'm sensing that Ron may have had certain individuals in mind when he was writing the script. ;)

Matt Long also joins the cast. No specific word on his role, but my guess would be the rookie detective, Jimmy Travers. Further casting news should be coming more quickly. I believe filming begins next week.

So, is everyone as excited as I am? :D
Tags: tv : 17th precinct

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