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The First Evil

More Photos of Jamie Bamber & James Callis on '17th Precinct'

Jamie Bamber Filming 17th Precinct, March 15th, 2011.
Photos via YVR Shoots and Photo Agency at

If you want to see more awesome photos of Jamie and James on set, head on over to HERE, HERE and YVR Shoot's Tumblr. But I had to share a

If you are trying to figure out what the heck Jamie is doing in the shot above (it took me a minute and I don't have the sides in front of me), I believe he's perfecting his technique for making evidence levitate.

ETA: Oops! Just looked at the sides and Jeff (James) is the evidence levitation expert. And it does look as if James is using his hands to do something in the photo. As originally scripted, Jeff causes blood splatters to rise in the air as Caolan, using his hands, "'grabs' an image from the scene, then 'throws' it at a blank page in a binder". OK, then! :)

James and Jamie do not look amused. No clue who the guy in the middle is.

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