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NBC Passes on '17th Precinct': A Fandom Mourns

My feelings regarding NBC right now? See icon. Fitting it's Tricia.

Earlier this week, NBC began announcing pickups for the 2011-2012 season. While it didn't look good for 17th Precinct, it wasn't until last night, when NBC announced it was ordering Grimm to series, that 17th Precinct's fate was all but sealed. The Hollywood Reporter even stated it came down to one "fantastical drama" or the other. And today, via tweets from the cast and crew, it became official:

@Dennydenn: @JamieBamberNews that it was. And if true that it's not on, very sad. I was there every day and it was amazing watching them create 17thP :(

@17thPrecinct: No love from NBC. Thanks to all the #17thPrecinct fans for all your support! Don't worry, we'll be back with another fabulous project s...

@craiganderl: Very sorry to see you go 17th Precinct...

@trutriciahelfer: Yup, it's official folks. NBC passed on #17thPrecinct.

While many of the major media outlets didn't lament the demise of 17th Precinct as we do, I appreciated what News In Film had to say:

Unfortunately, NBC missed the potential appeal of “17th Precinct,” which had an expertly written pilot and was shaping up to be a “Battlestar Galactica” reunion with Tricia Helfer, James Callis and Jamie Bamber. It was a police procedural set in a world of magic, prophesies and necromancy. Perhaps NBC had it’s new cop shows for the season, but “Precinct” is infinitely more interesting than “Prime Suspect.”

While the pilot did not test well, given the superior casting and buzz generated online (Grimm has had little to none), NBC should have given 17th Precinct, imho, a shot. But as much as I'm disappointed we won't see this series, I'm equally bummed we'll never see the pilot. Unless there is a bit of magic left and it gets leaked online.

Feel free to discuss/vent/rant in comments, but still keep it nice. ;)

ETA: Not a concern to NBC, but Vancouver, losing series to cancellation (V, Human Target, Stargate: SVU...I could go on) or calling it quits (Smallville) were hoping for a 17th Precinct pick-up. Via The Globe and Mail:

The state of the local industry will be clearer next week, when the rest of the networks announce their fall line-ups. Finn is watching particularly closely, hoping NBC picks up his 17th Precinct.
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