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New "Outcasts" Images + BBCA Micro-Sites

There are two THREE SEVEN OMG (well, six and a half) new shots of Jamie in Outcasts on BBC America's micro-site for the show:


EDIT: found another one! ;):

EDIT AGAIN: OK, there are a LOT more that are kinda-sorta hidden (but not THAT well) on the site ;)  First, there's this one which was in SFX, but here's a clean scan of it:

A couple more...

Okay, so about that deleted scene... here's the SPOILERS warning: Remember when Mitchell shows little Linus the lake and asks him if he wants to go swimming? dramaturgca and I had joked that the episode really, really could have used a swimming scene. Guess what? There WAS a swimming scene. And they CUT IT. *shakes fist and gnashes teeth*:

D'aww. Yeah, like that wouldn't have added anything to the ep.... like, made Mitchell more sympathetic or anything useful like that. Also, shirtlessness. 

Also, currently there are 12 images in total in the photo gallery... and he's in FIVE of them. We are amused. Get ready for a whole 'nuther crop of peeps to shout "false advertising" once they've actually seen the show.  (I mean, to be fair, he IS the best thing in that first episode by a country in that sense it's justified.)

BTW, just for completist's sake, here's the BBCA micro-site for BSG. Obviously, nothing there that we haven't seen before. ;)

All images © Kudos Television/BBC
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