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LOUK Series 5! Photos! Airdate (kinda)! ;)

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Law & Order: UK is back next month!  Or at least, the ITV Pictures site seems to indicate as much, let's hope they don't change their minds. Images just turned up for episode 5x01, entitled "The Wrong Man," in the promo images for shows airing the week of 7/9 through 7/15.  Given this info, here's the lowdown:
  • Hopefully, a full press pack will arrive at ITV's Press Centre soon, confirming the dates and listing the rest of the episodes. (There is no writers' info, etc. for the first episode as of now, just photos.
  • If the show keeps its old Thursday time slot on ITV, then it'll premiere July 14; exact date still TBD though.
  • So far, none of this sheds any light on when BBC America (or CityTV for that matter) will begin airing the eps, but hopefully that won't take long to determine either.

Now, of course, we found this out because there are photos involved. ;) Above is the first featuring Jamie, below are two more; unfortunately, there are NO shots of Jamie in the posed publicity stills in this batch, just Brad alone. I know, right? WTF, and also boooo. Click to enlarge:




I did also grab this one Order team shot since I believe it's a first. ;)  For those who are interested.... here's the new look of Team CPS:

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