Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Press Notes: Details on Law & Order UK Series 5

 Looks like All Things Law & Order have landed a copy of ITV's press pack for Law & Order: UK S5; they have posted many excerpts on the blog. Follow the link to hit their home page to see all the intro, creative, cast notes, etc.  Otherwise, here are a couple of key shortcuts:

- Click HERE for Jamie's section of the press notes
- Click HERE for Bradley's section (w/ lots of Jamie mentions ;) )
- Click HERE for Emilia Di Girolamo's section
- Click HERE for the intro section, which includes episode synopsis of eps 1 thru 5 (of 7) (SPOILER warning, of course.)

Unfortunately, despite the bounty of info, one key thing is still missing... the exact premiere date!  *thumps ITV, for the billionth time*
Tags: tv: law and order: uk
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