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New Interview with Jamie, "All The World's a Stage"

New Zealand's The Dominion Post has posted a recent interview with Jamie. The interview covers a wide range of topics from Battlestar Galactica to current projects 17th Precinct and John Doe to working around the world and what it means for his family life. Personally, I loved reading he'd like to do comedy. :)

And here's one excerpt regarding Jamie's thoughts about 17th Precinct not being picked up by NBC:

"I've just done another police procedural as a pilot and I've realised one of the strengths of Law & Order is leaving the audience wondering what's going to happen next."

That pilot, 17th Precinct, was to be directed by Battlestar creator Ron Moore. It brought together former crew and at least three of the old cast in Vancouver. But it was not picked up by its US network.

"The saddest thing for us personally was that we were working with the people we had grown to love and respect [on Battlestar] again.

''It didn't work for whatever reason and you don't know. It's not a proven science. It was a difficult subject matter and I guess test audiences didn't quite sort of believe or understand the world that we were trying to create.''

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