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Law & Order: UK Episode 5.4, "Tick Tock" - Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 2nd, 2011 03:39 am (UTC) (Link Me)
I also felt like this episode was a mixed bag, and agree that it started very strong with tons of awesome Team Law stuff (Joy's back! Ange is out of the office! The boys AND the guv investigating the crime scene. TOGETHER LIKE! TEEEEAM! ;) ) A bit of a return to the original Brooks/Devlin chemistry with Matt pushing a bit harder on every angle (granted, in this particular case, it's less about his personality and more about there being a desperate element of time involved.) I did think it was a really, really good red herring - one of their best yet - to imply that perhaps the masked girl was Helen Shane for a time, because it would have been a neat twist for there to be an inside job, but of course that didn't pan out.

dramaturgca and I watched this episode together and at one point, I told her I was willing to wager that the CPS were gonna lose this case. They haven't lost one in a while, AND ol' Phyllis Gladstone has never won one against them yet so she was due a smug win. ;) But... that didn't pan out. To be honest, I am glad it didn't pan out primarily on the basis of the fact that they would not have won had it not been for Alesha; her determination won the day, not Jake's stubbornness. (I'm trying, really I am, and I KNOW Jake is meant to come off more all-business and less charm than James and I'm trying not to compare them, BUT... I'm still waiting to really start liking him. And again, I don't fault Dominic at all.)

I looked up the past mothership ep this was based on and I sort of remember it, and curiously saw that it was based on the Patty Hearst case, where the girl being proscecuted claimed she was a kidnap victim who was forced to commit the crimes at hand. Even when I read the episode description of this one, it reminded me more of the Starkweather/Fugate case and I wonder if Richard Stokes had that in mind. In that case, Carol Fugate was similarly prosecuted as though she had a choice while the defense tried to prove that she was young and terrified of her boyfriend and didn't actually commit any of the murders. Now, I did sort of feel as though by having her shoot the boyfriend, some of the tension that could have played out interestingly here was sacrificed because we didn't have a double case to try. And it would have been more interesting for me in the end if we had a persistent question simply based on whether or not Joanne had a choice here, and not had a fifth act revelation that she set the wheels in motion; I like those morality quandry episodes much more. (See: "Community Service," which though the ending pisses me off I love the moral implications of all the arguments.)

Final tangential note: Henry's busted out the whiskey, I guess he's officially director of CPS now. ;) (Also, when he mentioned to Jake "The DPP has his eye on you" I literally squeaked and went "That's GEORGE!" Aww, George. <3)

Hey, asta77 - since you still need a cap, take your pick. ;)

asta77 From: asta77 Date: August 7th, 2011 05:10 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
This was a so-so ep for me and we seem to be in agreement as to why. I thought Jamie/Matt had some great moments. I loved how assertive he was with his threatening to be the bad cop when he clearly already was in bad cop mode and Ronnie saying, 'You don't want to see him when he's a bad cop.' Hee!

But the case? Eh. I think the reveal that she had set the wheels in motion muddled the case and led to an incorrect verdict. Was she guilty of numerous crimes? Yes. But was she a cold blooded killer? No. The case would have worked better had it been revealed she was either the brains behind the operation, driving her boyfriend to kill, or if she was truly an innocent victim traumatized by abuse.

And I'm still a bit iffy as to what motivates Jake. I understand it was a high profile case, but in addition to salvaging his new career he seemed to be passionate about sending her away for life as a murderer and I'm not sure why.
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