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The First Evil

ITV Press Release for Series 5 Finale, "Deal"

The full press release for 'Deal', airing August 14th, can be found at ITV's website, but the episode description is

In the last episode of the series the team struggles to understand the involvement of 12-year-old Kaden Blake in the shooting of mother and carer, Lia Brown. DS Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber) is drawn to this damaged boy, saddened to see a life doomed by circumstance, furious that gang leader and local dealer, Mark Ellis (Charles Mnene), remains untouchable by the law.

Matt forces the hands of our Crown Prosecutors to move Ellis into the frame for the crime. The culture of intimidation and silence that rules gang life seems set to undo all of our heroes’ good work. It is up to Kaden himself to find the courage to speak out. In doing so, he sets in motion a shattering chain of events. One day that will shake the world of our heroes forever. Lucy Speed guest stars.

It sounds as if it will be another copper heavy/Matt-centric episode. Perhaps the second half of the two-parter will focus more on the Law side.
Tags: tv: law and order: uk
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