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Law & Order: UK Episode 5.5, "Intent" - Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 12th, 2011 12:03 am (UTC) (Link Me)
OK, I finally have time to respond to this one:

So the wife never thought to mention she woke up to find Lucas had broken in and stood at the bedside with a knife once before? Seriously?

Agree, I felt this rang a little bit too false and this is coming straight off the back of being relieved that there was MORE to the whole divorce situation than the spousal abuse angle. (Which if that was going to be the route we took, I also had a bit of a problem with because they seemed to be waffling between "she verbally berated him constantly" (which is inexcusable) and "she was emotionally remote" (heck, some people just ARE, and they struggle with it, it isn't something necessarily worth raking them over the coals over).) So while they were attempting to repair the ex's reputation, in a sense, it didn't really feel like it gelled for me because I couldn't understand why she would have kept that to herself. Conflict of feeling sorry for him vs. her fear of him? I dunno. I needed to hear/see more.

I did feel like this was one of the better eps this series, but it's super busy and almost feels like it needed 90 mins. to tell the full story. A lot of emotional points to navigate between the victims' plot and the courtroom drama. It was really nice to see Jamie left to his own devices to anchor scenes, too; not that the scenes where he plays off Brad aren't the meat and potatoes of the show, IMO. ;) But I can't remember another instance where we've seen Matt investigating leads on his own so often.

EDIT: Oh, and Sam West was outstanding. I'd rate him in the top tier of guests, with Rupert Graves and Juliet Stevenson.
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