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'Law & Order: UK' Series 5 Finale and Upcoming Q&A
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 01:20 am (UTC) (Link Me)
WARNING... SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL EPISODE OF SERIES 5 (if anyone doesn't want to be spoiled...

- I'll go ahead and post The Big'Un™: Can you elaborate on the decision to kill Matt Devlin off rather than suspend/transfer/etc. him out of the series? We know some details of Jamie's departure from the show, notably the fact that he was shooting 17th Precinct before LOUK had wrapped the series. Of course, understood that you might not be at liberty to reveal all the behind the scenes details. (Also, Jamie's not here to give his input, obviously.) But I'm sure most folks' #1 question is: Why was death deemed to be the best option?

- The episode that you based "Deal" on, "Slave", plays out differently. Can you talk a little about the process through which the adaptation became the episode we saw? Was "Slave" chosen before or after the decision was made to craft a story that writes Matt out of the show? Or was it chosen first, because you wanted to write about the issues in the case at hand, and determined later that it would be something that could be combined with Matt's exit?

- I don't expect you to give us any real spoilers about forthcoming episodes, particularly as this was intended as one half of a two-episode arc. Would it be safe to say, however, that the ramifications of Matt's death will affect the characters for some time, perhaps extending past the next episode? (I'm thinking of Ronnie in particular, who as we know is not only close to Matt but, as mentioned way back in "Samaritan," already lost one partner to a violent death.)

Thanks as always for agreeing to do this, Emilia. Particularly in a case like this where I'm sure you understand it's tough for us to be as objective as we'd like. ;)
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