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Law & Order: UK Episode 5.6, "Deal" (Series 5 Finale) - Discussion Thread

"Deal" written by Emilia di Girolamo

Here's the deal...ha, ha, sorry, bad pun! ;) As fate would have it, both zegeekgirl and I have plans this afternoon (we were as shocked as you are) and won't be around when 'Deal' airs. But since I don't wish to break a five week old tradition and not have a post open for discussion at 4pm 9pm, I'm going ahead and posting now. So, in a few hours, come here and share your thoughts. I hope to be able to be join in later, but it depends if the internet fairies also have plans today.


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cleefa From: cleefa Date: August 14th, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
anteros_lmc From: anteros_lmc Date: August 14th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Matty has a cat! :'(
angelicalangie From: angelicalangie Date: August 14th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC) (Link Me)

I knew it as soon as Ronnie dashes in talking of his little girls baby (9lbs - owies)I tweeted Oh no, I know where this is going. Esp. when they were talking about how Matty was taking Kaden to Kent.

And Matty - on the ground all that blood and it coming out of his mouth - there is no good way this ends - or if he survives he's quitting out, cause look at how much he is getting emotionally involved in it.

I cried - I wussed.

On the day Ronnie gets happy news he gets to watch Matty be gunned down - damn that poor guy!
ragdoll From: ragdoll Date: August 14th, 2011 09:36 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Ugh, nearly as bad as I expected, but glad to know about it all the same. Am obtaining the episode now and we'll see if I actually manage to watch it.

For once I was hoping Jamie's character wouldn't be going out on a stretcher. *sigh*
esmerelda_t From: esmerelda_t Date: August 14th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
I'm just in from a night out so missed this week's ep. I don't even know if I can watch it, godamnit ITV stop shooting him!
anteros_lmc From: anteros_lmc Date: August 14th, 2011 09:31 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
It's not good. It's really not good :'(
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 14th, 2011 10:10 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Will it be worth watching serise 6 if he has been written out? What a way to go! Always the hot coppers that get shot!
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Full disclosure: I was spoiled for tonight's episode.

I want to say something, I do. I have A LOT to say.

I just...

zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC) (Link Me)
No, wait - I do have a few things to add right now...

Those are the bullet points. Back with something of substance when I'm coherent. And/or have had enough wine.
vegarin From: vegarin Date: August 15th, 2011 02:31 am (UTC) (Link Me)

Oh, god. I thought he was just going to be disillusioned by the case--maybe ending up taking a break from it all, or maybe getting into trouble for roughhousing the suspect, or SOMETHING OTHER THAN THAT. Oh, how optimistic I was.

(But then the moment he was all smiley and Ronnie was smiley and everyone was SMILEY, that spelled the doom.)

So wait, is "To Be Continued" to be believed? Are we going to get a resolution of this storyline in Series 6, or is he going to be written out like this because that's just cruel. CRUEL.

zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC) (Link Me)
The first episode of Series 6 will resolve this storyline. As to how he is written out... well, I'm about to post a giant litany of comments that will give it away if you read it. Suffice to say that there are things already online about "Survivor's Guilt" (the next episode) that will tell you one way or the other.
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 03:09 am (UTC) (Link Me)
OK, before I post this: a warning that I'm making all of these comments knowing Matt Devlin's fate, although I have not seen "Survivor's Guilt." Those who have seen "Deal" and aren't sure of which way things are going to go, I'll just warn you that there is an episode description for "Survivor's Guilt" on the web (*cough* BBC America *cough*) right now which gives it away, so IF you really don't want to know, be wary of that. And don't read any further in my comment thread below. Chest. Stuff. To get off it. Liek RITE NOW. ;)

Another warning: I'm going to be talking. A whooooole lot. Get a pillow. And a snack.

(obligatory SPOILER WARNING space...)

On "Deal" as an episode:
Well, granted I'm assessing this knowing that it's one half of a two-episode arc and I might feel differently once I've seen it play out to its actual conclusion. I will say that, as it stands alone - outside the context of any and all Bamber-related baggage (Bambage? ;) ) attached to the turn of events at the end - it's a pretty fantastic episode. Very dark, very topical (particularly as concerns the recent events in London and the disenfranchisement of the urban lower classes in that part of the city). In its unflinchingness it reminds me most closely of "Broken" which I still feel is Emilia's best episode. None of the darker parts are ever taken less than completely seriously, even though there are some wonderful moments of unexpected humor (The tea moment in Shannon's flat when Ronnie and Matt are just willing to sit there and wait is an absolute classic. "Got any biccies?" Boys, our lovely lovely boyssss. *dontcryDONTFUCKINGCRYKEEPITTOGETHER*)

Also, finally, felt as though Henry had a moment where he was brought into the game plan along with Alesha and Jake and it really felt like a proper Team CPS for the first time in this entire series, for me. So yeah... all in all, I don't have a whole lot to critique negatively about the episode *itself*. Which brings us to...
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC) (Link Me)

On "Great. He's dead again. :(":
Here's where I'm so terribly torn on giving this episode a completely objective judgment. Don't all look so shocked. ;) And let me start out by making a couple of important points: I don't always feel as though killing off a main character in the last five minutes of an episode is a bad thing. I've seen shows do it well, and I've seen shows do it poorly, and most of those times I haven't had any sort of outstanding gripe about the target being portrayed by an actor upon whom I have a dopey fangirlsh crush, either. Also, back to my previous point, it's hard to issue a complete assessment without seeing "Survivor's Guilt" which I won't get to see for at least another six weeks. (Thanks a fucking lot, ITV. You've been useless all along with this show, why stop now? Wankers.)
I take comfort in one thing and one thing only, and that's that Matt goes out in a heroic fashion: Pushing a kid for whom he just busted his ass to give him some shot at a life worth living out of the way of a bullet. This... is not out of character. This is EXACTLY in-character. We know Matt has always had a soft spot for kids in peril, so it makes perfect sense that in that moment he'd react that way, damn the consequences. If there's one thing I was hoping to see w/ regard to Matt and Kaden that we didn't get, it was some kind of moment where Matt could relate to the kid something of his own background, underlinging exactly why he was going out of his way to nail Ellis and help him do the right thing. I was really hoping we'd see that heart to heart, and about 40 mins. into the episode I realized we weren't going to get it. Shame. Jamie would have nailed it. Which isn't to say that Jamie didn't nail EVERYTHING ELSE about this episode - yeah, I didn't mention him in the first paragraph up there because it belongs here, in relation to My Big Selfish Beef, because I'm kinda bummed that it'll be hard for me to watch this episode again any time soon. Seeing as how it's some of the best work Jamie's ever done. No gilding the lily (he's been pretty solid all season, but hasn't particularly been given a chance to shine; boy, does he ever here.)
And yet, we did get a lot more little Matty moments, the sort of which on any other night would have been cause for grade-A giggle-squee from the likes of us. On any other night. But not tonight. Biiig, sad sigh when he was flirting with the blond at the shooting range. A few moments where I was able to let everything go and giggle at him and Ronnie bantering outside the chicken shop until the line "I prefer my arteries with blood flowing through them" came up and I just kinda sank back into the pillows and facepalmed. Wait, what... he has a cat? WTF is going to happen to the poor cat?! (OK, maybe that's taking it a bit far. ;) I mean, poor kitty obviously... but I'm a hell of a lot more concerned about Ronnie at this point. More on THAT later...)
And then... the chuffed nod to Alesha when the jury handed in the guilty verdict. THAT is when the bleary-eyes started. And then Ronnie bursts into the court room a beaming granddad, and... not going to lie, I just fucking burst into tears. UGLY CRYING, people. I sobbed like a sad sack for that entire scene and pretty much didn't stop until the very end. Look, we bitch and moan (and occasionally joke, because we're not without a sense of humor, dammit) about how often Jamie's characters get bumped off. And honestly, most of the time I find it easier to joke about than most; Hell, I wouldn't be able to write the Character of the Month posts if I didn't. ;) But this... this hurt. This hurt like a punch in the face. If I'm perfectly honest, it felt a little bit like an unnecessary twist of the knife to have that Ronnie/Matt moment happen just before the shooting; I don't want to come down too hard on Emilia, because let's be honest, it's the little moments of unexpected clash between joy and pain that makes good drama what it is. But that still didn't make it any easier to take.
falconer17 From: falconer17 Date: August 15th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC) (Link Me)
I can't watch this ... I just can't! ; (
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 15th, 2011 08:22 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Saying all this the write ups I have read suggest 2 officer injuries and at the end you see another body down. And only one is said to be dead the other wounded and matt was still alive as it finished...I maybe clutching at straws here...
asta77 From: asta77 Date: August 15th, 2011 11:44 am (UTC) (Link Me)
You never know. The L&O franchise is known for some pretty big twists when it comes to the life and death of it's characters. I can't recall the characters name, but I know a prosecutor on L&O:SVU was shot and killed only to turn up very much alive in a later season. It was revealed her death was faked and she had been placed in witness protection. Actually, I think she might be returning to the show again this upcoming season.
onlyariana From: onlyariana Date: August 15th, 2011 11:41 am (UTC) (Link Me)
I had no idea this was happening. I was absolutely shocked. I figured something was happening because of the number of comments in this post but I wasn't able to watch the show until this morning when I woke at 4am. So that means there was no booze for me. I don't think I really have any previous JB death trauma but this still got me and hard.

I was hoping that he'd get transferred after a sticky situation and then he'd eventually come back to do Criminal Intent UK. Which would be an even more character driven show than either L&O UK or the original L&O CI. Only he'd be on the main team, not the second string. Come on, wouldn't it be awesome to see Mattie's family - I'm sure they could come up with a brother on drugs. And a beautiful but psycho nemesis with a foreign accent. Plus, weekly therapy sessions. Who wouldn't want all that. If it's good enough for Vincent D'Onofrio...

Ok, I'm babbling but I'm just construction this fantasy world to keep my brain away from what really happened.
shoelesslucy From: shoelesslucy Date: August 15th, 2011 12:04 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Well that was depressing. I actually shed a tear, which I rarely do at TV shows and even though I was spoiled. If Matt had to go I'm glad we got that many great moments with him. We got to see him in court, flirting a bit, connecting with kids and even being on the road with Alesha, which was great, and most importantly some brilliant banter with Ronnie.

At the same time those moments made it even more depressing to me. Especially when Matt and Ronnie were asking for tea and smiling adorably and then when Ronnie ran in to tell Matt about the baby. It's so sad how that partnership's gone now. I think I never expected to like Law and Order as much as I did when I heard they had cast Jamie and it's mainly due to Ronnie and Matt. I don't want to be petty and say I won't watch without Jamie but I'm not sure I will without Ronnie/Matt. BTW do we know yet who replaces Jamie?

I have to say as far as death scenes go I loved how Matt pushed away both Kaden and Alesha. But I will have to reserve judgement on the whole thing until I've seen the fallout. I guess we won't get anymore hospital scenes since Jamie won't be appearung anymore (which really makes me think he died).

Finally I did appreciate how they made the boys look sympathetic. Especially at a time like this it's good not to demonise these kids completely. On the other hand lots of bad mothers in this show, not sure how I feel about that. However, they do make you feel a bit sorry for the mothers too and that's what I like about this version of Law and Order, everyone's in a bit of a predicament, there are not only good and bad people.

Sorry for the rambling, I'll go back to mourning now!

From: (Anonymous) Date: August 15th, 2011 02:39 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
oh dear. I guess there's the hope like the ADA from SVU. Her shooting was gang related too.

ONLY consolation for me if Matty doesn't make it is that Jamie requested to be released from his comtract early. Of course then NBC failed to pick up the reason he wanted to leave. Stupid NBC
kaitlia777 From: kaitlia777 Date: August 15th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
This episode is just begging for fix-it fic.
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: August 15th, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
I'd probs read that. Go forth and be cathartic. ;)
spongetrisha From: spongetrisha Date: August 15th, 2011 08:38 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Ok 24 hours on and I am still in shock. I mean I knew it was coming, I had seen both the Radio times and What's on TV articles and I was expecting it but it still shocked me.
I am clinging to the hope that Matt is still alive, he was still consious at the end and his fingers were moving and by the extent of the injuries he's got - at least 2 bullet hits, it'll be a while before he's back to work.
I'm going to miss Matt and Ronnie, I love their banter to bits and poor wee Luciano who's going to look after him while Mattie's laid up.
Ok am rambling now
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