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Martian Hari

Jamie Bamber Interview: The Morton Report, 22 August 2011

The Morton Report just posted this lengthy interview with Jamie, in which he discusses L&O:UK at length (note that there are NO spoilers for the ending of Series 5, so those of you who are watching the show on BBC America are OK to read it), as well as Outcasts, John Doe, Un jour mon pere viendra and CSI: Miami. (It was before the Perception casting broke, so fair enough, no more news there. ;))

As a Dame Guv fan, I loved this paragraph:

“Harriet has a huge reputation as far as the stage, and I’m still in awe of the theatre, primarily when I see great theater. There’s something so immediate about that ability to present a character and captivate an audience of 1,500 people who are actually there in front of you and you can gauge whether or not it works. I find something mesmerizing about a theater actor who is really up on his or her game, and it’s always fascinating to see someone who you admire on so many levels in the flesh day in and day out. Harriet is a lovely lady, great fun, smart, has a good sense of humor and a pleasure to work with. She’s a fantastic actress and it’s a real privilege for us to have her on Law & Order.”

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