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Martian Hari

BBC America Discussion Thread: Episode 5x04, "Tick Tock" + BONUS visual goodies...

Time once again for those first-timers watching Series 5 to travel hence to OldePosteLand - i.e. the original thread for "Tick Tock", which can be found HERE. Discuss away!

In the meantime, for those of you who have seen it, some extra goodies to make this post worthwhile:

Just discovered this Jamie-centric BSG clip reel that seems to have been put together for his appearance at the Jules Verne Festival in 2009. We had SO MANY pictures and fantastic clips (English and French-speaking alike) come out of that festival that maybe this got lost in the shuffle. Or I just forgot about it, but I kinda don't think so. Anyway, it's a nifty Lee Adama greatest hits. Enjoy! (For those who might be interested, there are also clip reels for James Callis and Mary McDonnell on the site.)

Second, yet another still of Jamie as Mitchell Hoban in Outcasts turned up over at Zap2It; would love to know where they found this since it was NOT buried on BBC America with the others. Oof. Yeah, first one who finds me a hi-res version of this wins the internets. GO. FIND. And thanks to meshel73 we DO now have this in hi-res. Click him. Go on. He gets SO MUCH BIGGER. ;)

Tags: photos: outcasts, tv: law and order: uk, video: battlestar galactica

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