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Odds and Ends (Yeah, I'm Struggling for a Subject Line)

Yesterday, I realized September was an even busier month than I previously thought. I completely missed the 5th Anniversary of Jamie Bamber News! Hard to believe it's been five years. And it all started because I missed a convention appearance Jamie made not too far from where I live. It was the impetus that made me want to ensure fans didn't miss out on any Jamie related news. Or, ya know, awesome photos. And this community wouldn't be what it is with out all of you all, so everyone take a bow. :)

In actual Jamie Bamber news, this is your first reminder that Jamie's episode of CSI: MIami, "Blown Away", airs this Sunday, October 9th, at 10pm est on CBS. Here's the promo that aired at the end of this past Sunday's episode (sadly, no Jamie included):

Direct Link to YouTube

I also had a question to pose to everyone regarding the Wednesday night Law & Order: UK posts and their future.

Now that Jamie is no longer on the show (sniff) and this is a Jamie Bamber community, there really isn't a need to continue to post discussion threads. However, because many of us are fans of the series regardless of Jamie's involvement and there is the potential for Matt to still be mentioned I am willing, for the remainder of Season 3 / Series 6, to open up a discussion post on Wednesday nights. If there isn't interest, I do understand, but it's not exactly a big time suck for me so I'm willing to continue doing it. Please share your thoughts on the matter in comments and thanks in advance for your input. :)
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